If you are reading this blog

8500km from Singapore to date.

If you are reading this blog, could you post a comment every now and then? (or click the Facebook ‘Share’ button at the bottom of a post)

You would help me to know it is being read and I’ll keep the posts coming.


12 Comments on “If you are reading this blog

  1. Please keep them coming, enjoying reading what your up to. x

  2. Hi Luke,
    Elio told me about your trip and I’ve been following your blog with great interest. I love your posts and am extremely jealous of what you’re doing! Keep posting so I can live vicariously……

  3. Hey Luke,
    The posts are fabulous – we have been checking in to see where you are and what you have been up to!

    PS: the tied up lizard that was walking around in a circle freaked me out though!

  4. Reading it and very jealous Lukey Boy – don’t feel lonely, many of us wish we were with you mate 🙂


  5. Reading the whole thing Luke, end to end. It’s brilliant – loving the pics and text. keep it up, it’s inspiring!

    Cheers – Mike

  6. keep em coming Luke – tell them you know a Rusiecki

    You’ll be locked up before you can blink….


    • Yeah, I already had told them I knew you and you don’t want to know what they did to me. They said you like that stuff!!

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