Trearddur Bay – Irish Sea – Dublin (Ireland)

28th October 2014        10-13℃        25km by bike
Trearddur Bay – Irish Sea – Dublin (Ireland)

It was to be a very short ride today, down to the port at Holyhead, and onto the ferry to Dublin.


On board the ferry, with the bike strapped down at three points in preparation for the crossing, I found a seat and settled in. There was a savage wind blowing force 8, and the captain made an announcement in advance of our departure, warning that it would be a rough ride, for at least the first hour.

He wasn’t wrong.

Not long after leaving, children started crying and adults turned green. Me included. It was particularly unpleasant. The boat had plenty of seasick bags available, and staff replenishing them. Fortunately I didn’t chunder myself, but felt atrocious for almost the entire 3hr journey.

On arriving in Dublin, I rode into temple bar, parked on the footpath and stuffed my face with a burrito. I felt much better after that, and located a guest house for the night, before taking a stroll around town and eating some traditional Irish fare, soda bread, Shepards pie. A good feed.


2 Comments on “Trearddur Bay – Irish Sea – Dublin (Ireland)

  1. Congrats Luke mate, you’ve done it!!!!

    Sorry about the miserable weather in UK, now you know why some of us moved to Singers.

    Are you going to ride back now :-)Enjoy the Emerald Isle – and don’t take any photos of policemen / soldiers outside bank this time.

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