Many people have helped to turn this dream into a reality, and I’m especially grateful to all those friends that have helped in preparation, support and assistance:

Mum & Dad
Shae Doherty
Kara, Marcos, Hannah, Isaac, Joshua & Micah
Yvonne Law
Victor Chua
Michael Kordahi
Anonymous (I would personally thank you, but you never let me know your name. So Mr/Ms Anonymous, THANK YOU!)
Mick Mylan
Faizal Sukree
Khai Zabidin
Dan Angelucci
Michael Kiss
Wentao Fu
Jazz Moser
Jana Subramanian
Siva Sivanandam
The nurses of Changi General Hospital (MCIT Clinic)  The friendliest nurses in Singapore
Chan & team at M-Technik Singapore
Elio & Courtney
Greg White
Susy Infanti
Tash Tobias
Elisa Wong
Su Mu
Elodie Philips
Danny Walsh
Sihil Piyasiri
Jack Tan, Michael Hanratty & the team at G Hotel, Penang
Seb Wilson
Kate Switajewski
Dave Cowder (Clam Chowder)
Craig Preston
Adam Guest & Shari Hawke
Leah & Paul Lipman
Deb Melville (friend of Seb Wilson)
Goran Phuket
Shirley & Jose Perez
Richard Read
Yolla Abbas
Peter Ang
Kaye Yutisiri
George Lee
Manav Prabhakar
Wixay Suvannarath & friends who hosted me to an awesome party
Catherine & Simon
Michael & Sara Brooks
Ron & Betty Robinson
Nav & Sonal
Doherty family, Adare
Melinda Zhang at NAVO China
The team at BMW Enduro Park Hechlingen
Touratech (for when I was stuck, sent me the replacement bolts required, gratis!)
JaVaWa Device Manager & the Dutch guy behind the tool
The OpenStreetMap Project and all the people behind the project & Phil Gibbins (and all the inmates there)
Brapp Brothers Singapore
BMW Motorrad Club Singapore
athy & Roddy @ Motofreight