Did the earth move for you?

EarthquakeThis morning I climbed out of bed

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at 9:45am.

I walked into the dining room to investigate some creaking noises coming from the kitchen.  I felt strangely dizzy and had to stop taking forward steps. In my semi-awake state, I noticed that the lamps were swinging from the ceiling. 

Only then did it occur to me that we were having an earthquake in Tokyo, and the creaking and clicking I could hear was the building flexing and swaying with the seismic motion. (I’m on the 33rd floor of a highrise tower)

As it turns out, the quake was a magnitude 7.1, and centred a few hundred kilometres north-west of Tokyo.  This was the second quake this week, after the little shudder (4.2) we had in the office on Thursday morning.

Quite an experience and somewhat disconcerting to know its such a long way down to the ground.


4 Responses to “Did the earth move for you?”

  1. y says:

    umm, maybe you should ask for a room on the ground floor??

  2. LD says:

    Then I might be squashed by 37 floors above me!
    I’ll take my chances on the fall, and the 4 floors above me. (if it comes to that)
    At least I’ll have the view on the way down :-)

  3. h says:

    it’ll be a very quick trip to the ground. build yourself a quick inflatable slide for a quick exist. similar to the ones they have on the planes.

  4. akiko says:

    the Earth moves for me ALL the time!

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