The Lake House

What a joke. This movie was so crap I don’t know why anyone bothered making it.

First of all, the casting agent needs to be shot. Keanu Reeves as an Architect? really? how very convincing. And then Sandra Bullock. pheff. Miss Congeniality with no personality.

And the story itself. Empty. What a dumb idea. It wanders around for too long, two people living in the same house 2 years apart. Writing letters to each other and falling in love via the letterbox.
The only entity in the entire film who plays a convincing part, is the bloody dog! And he’s living in both the present and the future!!!

What a waste of my valuable in-flight time watching this piece of trollop. Lacked substance, story impossible, supposed to be romantic, and ends up not even being funny.
It would have been more entertaining to watch the real-time in-flight

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monitor for one and a half hours.

My advice, if thinking about driving past the lake house… do us all a favor and cut the stilts.

It would be better off resting in the mud on the bottom of the lake.

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