Yulara – Curtin Springs – Kings Canyon

Today was a short day in the saddle. Just a 300km hop from Yulara up to Kings Canyon via Curtin Springs cattle station.

Last night there was a decent downpour which meant that the road was often covered with water and/or sand. The water is fine, only 20cm deep, but the wet sand is a hassle to navigate, trying to snap the wheel out from me and throwing the bike around.

About half way I was starting to feel tired, although it was only 10:30am (probably lack of sleep due to the storm last night) so I pulled over and had a 40 min nap by the side of the road in a rest area. Brilliant. It was so quiet, just listen to the bush. And it was cool. Had all my riding gear on and zipped up, so it was like in a sleeping bag. Very comfortable. The aqua pack makes for a perfect pillow too :-)

So after arriving at Kings Canyon, had lunch and a swim, followed by a nap. (again) Holidays can be like that.

Tonight there is a soft rain, lots of thunder and lightening storm going on. Which wont help he 350km of dirt I have to navigate.

Tomorrow I’ll be up early for the walk around Kings Canyon and see if I can add to the blisters after the 26km walks at Uluru.

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