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Map of Sweden12th September 1997
Huskvarna/Stockholm, Sweden   2200
So after catching the boat from København to Malmo, I hitched a ride with an American pilot; and after 3 more rides I ended up in Huskvarna.
I couldn't find a bed so I rolled up on a park bench for the night and drifted off to sleep.
I had only been asleep about an hour when it started to rain, so I had to pack up my things and I moved under a kebab stand and slept until 6am in the cold. 
It got down to 6ºC last night.
This morning I hitched a ride with a truck driver about half the way to Stockholm and from there I caught a bus the rest of the way.

On pier in Huskvarna Huskvarna

14th September 1997
Stockholm, Sweden   0100
Today I travelled around Stockholm with three other travellers I met at the hostel.  Elaine from Scotland, and Cody and Randolf from the U.S.  We saw some of the sights and walked a fair distance.  At one point it began dumping rain on us and as we were out in the open with no shelter we made a run for cover under a bridge, but by the time we got there we were well and truly soaked.  Later it became sunny and hot, then it turned bitterly cold, then windy, it was really four seasons in one day!
So after we got back to the hostel we warmed up by taking a sauna.  Just fantastic!   What better way to relax after being frozen solid by the Arctic winds than to climb into a steaming hot Swedish sauna and rejuvenate ones body & mind.

The architecture of Stockholm is great, the air and water so amazing clean for a large city.

It is really beautiful.

Nice Building Palace
Stockholm Lane Wood Carving in Church
Praying in Ivy Palace
4 of us on a bench Don't drink & drive
Criminals not welcome in this carpark Soaked under the bridge
Elaine & Luke Street Art

14th September 1997
Stockholm, Sweden   2300
Today we saw some more of Stockholm including 'The Vasa' a ship which sank on her maiden voyage and was recovered intact after 333 years on the sea floor! Simply amazing!
So onto Finland next...

Stockholm Harbour

Board the M/S Amorella for the overnight crossing to Finland with me

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