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Map of Baltic countries20th September 1997
Tallin, Estonia    2315

Today we looked around Tallin, saw some of the Russian impressions. Particularly the Orthodox church and the suburbs where we are staying now are very grey & drab. Costs are cheap!!!
I have been fairly ill with the flu and buying medication was interesting. All of the products in the chemist are behind the counter and you have to ask for what you want. And then of course I couldn't read the label/dosage!
Tallin is very pretty, the old town at least, with it's cobble streets and interesting character.

Estonian Kroon

Russian Orthodox Church21st September 1997
Viitna, Estonia   2330

Today we drove out to the first national park in the former soviet union. The forest is very nice. We stumbled across an old soviet military port, which had been disused for a number of years. The rooms and buildings we clambered through had relics and papers from the past which were amazing to see. The was also a boat moored in the harbour, which we boarded. It was mostly unlocked so we were able to see most of it. It was deserted and everything left as it was, books on shelves, clothes in the cupboards, plates and cups left out, etc. It was amazing....and eerie.
For lunch we went to a restaurant and had a traditional Estonian meal. I had sauerkraut and found it very bland, but the servings were HUGE! and it only cost us A$6 for a 3 course meal.

Apartments Tallin Square
Inside the Buildings Toilet into the Baltic Boat in the Harbour
Sinking Boat

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