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Map of Baltic countries22nd September 1997
Riga, Latvia   2230
Today after travelling back to Tallin I caught a bus to Riga. I gave the border guards the wrong passport (by accident), but fortunately they didn't notice I had no entry stamp for Estonia and they let me through, stamping an exit stamp in my Irish passport, which should be in my Australian. But, all the same, I am now in Riga.  Which is quiet interesting. All the men walking the streets look very shady, which is made worse by the lack of street lights.
I searched for a hostel for an hour or so, and couldn't find one, so I asked at a hotel, where I now have a room for LT4, A$10 in the centre of town. It's not flash, but it's a bed.  The lift has to be the dodgiest I have ever seen!  The water cannot be drunk here so everybody buys water or boils it for 10 minutes before using it, and there are alot of beggars.  I have found people in the Baltic's are extremely reluctant to help me, and would be considered rude by our standards, they are always rushing you or yelling at you to do something.

Latvian Lita

In Riga Walking the streets My Hotel Room
Factories by the bus station The women's toilet door symbol!

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