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Map of Denmark11 September 1997
KÝbenhavn, Denmark   1140
Well, crossing the Baltic Sea was an experience not to be forgotten.  There was a large storm and the boat was thrown around a bit.  So there were plenty of people hanging over the side.
I stood on the deck for a while and after almost being blown off, I took refuge inside where it was warm and dry.
KÝbenhavn is OK.  The weather turned really cold as I arrived, most people are wearing gloves & coats.... I would be too if I had them!  I must go shopping!
The air and water here are both really clean, for the middle of the city it is impressive.   The hostel I am staying at 'Sleep in Heaven' is very friendly, as I arrived last night there was a party in progress and I was quickly given a beer and joined in.
Today I met up with Henrik and we went for a cruise on his 1950 motorbike, which was fantastic.  Saw the little mermaid and a few other sights.  And also met some great people, a Czech girl and a Dane as well as an American guy.
The Danish girl, Betina was the one throwing the party at the hostel.
So now I am waiting for the ferry to Malmo, Sweden.

Building in square The Little Mermaid
Viking Woman Vikings?
Building as leaving Kobenhavn Boats & Houses

Zip across to Malmo, Sweden on the ferry with me


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