31st July 2014      21-26’C       0km

I had planned to ride today, but when I woke up I wasn’t feeling 100%, and decided to stay another day, in order to be in tip-top condition before riding the high passes of the Pamirs.   This proved to be a wise decision, as I had to make a couple of fast moves to the bathroom during the day.
It seems everyone I’ve spoken to who has traveled through this region has been afflicted with stomach trouble. Cleanliness and food hygiene standards leave alot to be desired, although the absence of hot, or even running water surely plays a part in this.

I bumped into an absolutely top bloke from Alaska, Dan, a retried prosecutor riding an F650. We took a walk around the famed Osh market together, exploring and enjoying the delicious fruit. I was especially impressed with the peaches, perfectly ripe and dripping with juice at every bite.
Dan had noticed that I was missing the cap to my fuel bottle.  The cap I’d lost thousands of kilometers ago on the Mongolian steppe. Dan being an absolute gentleman, gifted his own bottle to me, as he was heading back home now.  In return I gave him my capless bottle.   I’d been searching for a new cap through 4 countries and countless camping stores, and now Dan had saved my kitchen, ensuring I’d no longer run out of fuel to cook. I am infinitely thankful to him.  I secured the new bottle and cap with a strap to ensure the road vibrations didn’t result in a repeat.

After an early dinner I retired to bed, browsing the maps and planning the next few days ride along the Pamir, second highest road in the world.

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