Llandielo – Melbourne (UK)

26th October 2014            15’C                347km
Llandielo – Melbourne (UK)

I was basically making a sprint across Wales today, to get myself back, close to Birmingham, to catch up with friends, Richard & Simon.

So it was a case of breaking some speed limits, and taking a few straight and boring roads to make my destination before dark. Although I started the day exploring a nearby castle and stomping through the mud to get there.

I reached Melbourne at around 530pm, and was soon in the family comforts of Richard & Cathy’s home.  With a hot cup of tea my frozen fingers were soon restored and we headed off to the local pub for a meal and ales, together with friend Simon.

I worked together with Richard & Simon for many years, we travelled together to the US on numerous occasions for business, and the guys at IHG are some of the nicest, most genuine people, aside from being absolute professionals.  We had a great evening catching up over a few Hobgoblin ales.

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