Isfahan – Abyaneh – Kashan

25th August 2014      40’C       265km
Isfahan – Abyaneh – Kashan

Leaving Isfahan, I stopped at a bookshop and bought a road map of Iran. Prior to reaching Iran, I’d had paper maps to reference, all through the Stans & Mongolia. While the GPS is great, there is nothing like a paper map to be able to orientate oneself and plan.

I headed up to the mud brick village of Abyaneh, where I wandered around for an hour, then had lunch. The usual huge plate of rice, beef mince kebab and a roasted tomato. I’ve eaten this exact meal, so many times in Iran. Often it’s the only thing on offer, besides a greasy hamburger & fries.


Riding up the mountain, of course I now started to feel sleepy, and needed to stop for a rest. The problem was, I was right next to the Iranian uranium enrichment plant, which is surrounded by anti-aircraft guns, and signs seriously stating “No photo!”. It’s a sensitive site, due to the way the US views Iran’s nuclear program. I found an abandoned building that offered some shade, and parked behind it, reclining on the bike for a sleep. I’d barely closed my eyes, when a guy came and tapped me on the shoulder, saying “No photo!!!”. I’m not sure what he thought I was doing, but I’m pretty sure sleeping doesn’t look like taking a photo. He seemed serious, and I tried to show him, I just needed some sleep.

He eventually agreed, but sat down a few metres away and watched me. I woke up 30 minutes later, and he was still there, but he seemed happier now. Maybe he now understood that I only wanted to sleep. I said goodbye and rode on, reaching Kashan in the late afternoon.

I located a fantastic old historic house, made of mud brick and converted into a guest house. The owner offering the roof as a secure parking space for the bike. He showed me how to ride up the lanes to get up onto the roof, where I could look down onto the lovely garden courtyard, where I relaxed and ate dinner in the cool night air.

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5 Comments on “Isfahan – Abyaneh – Kashan

  1. Hi george
    I’m Hashem . we visited in the sarcham road . you were going to tabriz.
    we were eating food. can you remember me.?
    I wish you get your aim in this way.
    good luck

    • Hi Hashem! Yes I remember, good to hear from you.
      I hope you had a safe journey also. Thanks!

  2. Hi Luke,

    We briefly met in Abyaneh when we were there. Did you enjoy the rest of your 10 dans in Iran? Our 3 weeks holiday was just amazing!

    Our offer still holds: if you pas throug Amsterdam and need a place to stay, you’re more than welcome to stay at our place! Just let me know!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    Jealous greetings,

    Heerko and Els
    Back in Amsterdam

    • Thanks Heerko! Great to hear from you & thank you for your kind offer.
      I had a great time in Iran, fabulous people.

      I’ll surely let you know if I come via Amsterdam.

      Thanks, Luke

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