Bovec – Bled – Lake Bohinjka

5th October 2014       8-22℃           153km
Bovec – Bled – Lake Bohinjka

After leaving Bovec, I made my way over the 1611M Vršič Pass.  A pretty stunning ride today, up the mountain in the cold air. At one stage I took a wrong turn and ended up heading towards Italy, when I realised I had to turn around and ride some of the mountain again, which wasn’t a shame, and very enjoyable.

After descending the other side of the mountain, I rode into the picture-postcard town of Bled.  Nestled beside Lake Bled, with an island church in the middle of the lake and an imposing castle on the mountain beside the lake, it is pretty much everything you can imagine perfect on a postcard, albeit slightly touristy, but that is to be expected when you have such a stunning sight.

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I had been advised by numerous friends that I should continue to the even more spectacular Lake Bohinjka, so after a coffee beside Lake Bled, I went to see what I could only imagine must have been exaggeration, as Lake Bled was already pretty amazing.

On my arrival by the quiet shore of Bohinjka, I was to find exactly what friends had been telling me.  Unbelievably spectacular, Lake Bohinjka is one of the two most beautiful lakes I have ever visited (the other in Mongolia)

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Steep rock cliffs leading down to the clear waters edge where fish jumped in the icy water, and the reflection of sky, rock & trees made for an amazing sight as the sun began to set.   I sat and enjoyed the view for quite some time, before heading back to my guesthouse for the night, just beside the lake, where they served up fantastic locally caught trout, followed by a delicious blueberry dessert.

A very nice meal to put me to bed, after a day of simply stunning scenery.

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  1. Lake Bohinjka does look truly impressive – added to the list of place to visit!

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