First impressions of China

Although have been to Hong Kong already before, I believe Shanghai showed me the real face of China, or to be precise a large Chinese city (21mln people – it’s more than in Australia!!). My first impressions?

  • Dirt and mess everywhere… really. Everything is covered with a thick layer of dust. But no wonder when pollution is so bad over there, thus no point cleaning as it gets dirty again the next day. (However, polution didn’t bother me much, which was good).
  • Traffic is absolutely chaotic!!! It doesn’t matter if the light is green or red… The following rules apply:
    • as long as the road is free you can go (applicable for cars and pedestrians)
    • right of way is always for a bigger and/or better car
    • scooters are allowed on foot paths, and it’s pedestrains’ responsibility to look out for them (please note that half of Chinese people has bicycles, and the other swaped them for scooters. Only few Chinese can afford a car).
    • any safty measures are non existient but who would care if the government is desperatly trying to reduce number of people  with the one child policy for example
  • Poverty next to wealth. Sometimes it was unbelievable to see a derelict house next to a super slick high rise building.
  • Sptting men everywhere… And this is a loud verion… This was so disgusting, and was making me crazy.

After getting used to all above, China became quite interesting and beautiful!. Even the language was not a big obstacle. Any valuable advice? Always know where you’re going while catching a taxi, as usually you have to show the way to a taxi driver. Having a destination address written in chinese is mandatory. Our roman letter are usless over there. Have learned this very quickly!!

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