At home again

Yes, I’m back at home again in Poland. And even my sister is back from London. We actually had a party for her yesterday, as she’ll be turning 3…0…  in 6 weeks, but it is never too early for her to celebrate. We never know when we can see each other next time, so it’s not such a bad idea after all…

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  1. Hello Patty
    Was browsing through some old emails and found the message about your blog,so I tracked you down all the way there!!
    Its great that you finally took that holiday home,its getting much warmer here in Sydney.Hope that you are having a fabulous time catching up with your friends and family.Make the the most of it
    See you when you get back to Sydney

  2. Hi
    Good to hear from you! Yes, I decided to go back home shortly after I saw you last time. Somehow run out of time to tell you about this. Today I’m leaving my home town and taking my parents on a short trip. Having fun so far :) Talk to you later. Take care!

  3. Hello Patty

    Great to hear from you
    Thats fantastic that you went back,must feel so good to be back.
    I understand its always a rush when planning a trip
    Will defintely catch up when you get back

    Take care and enjoy it


  4. Wish Sylvia a very happy 30th birthday from us.
    Hope the rest of your trip goes well.

  5. Thank you. Will pass your wishes.

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