The Ginseng Bathhouse

Have you ever been to a Korean Bathhouse? Or had a Korean massage? If not, it is strongly recommended! First time I found out something about it during our return stop-over trip though Seoul. Unfortunately, didn’t have a chance to try it  :-( as prefered to sleep in a hotel, while Luke was enjoying himself in one of those… Luckly we found out from our friends that we have something similar here in Sydney – The Ginseng Bathhouse. Since then usually once a year I go to this place (mainly around my birthday, as a part of the spoiling-myself-celebration. This is a wet massage, as they put several times hot and wet towels over your body, splashing some more warm water over you during the massage that includes a little Korean lady walking over ones back and bottom (how can they do this without hurting anyone ;)  ??) Morevoer, they only use natural ingrediemts in all their treatments. Thus at the end your body has a beutiful aroma of honey, coconut milk, etc…

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  1. Ja byłam w Tureckiej. super, wymasowali nawet miejsca między palcami?!Gorąco , duszno mokro ale fantastycznie. pozdrawiam Ania.

  2. Też o nich słyszałam, że są świetne! Ale tutaj jakoś nigdzie nie widziałam. Chyba będę musiała się kiedyś wybrac do Turcji… :)

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