We became Gotye’s fans after attending one of those bought-last-minute-shows at the Opera House. Both of us were nicely surprised how enjoyable the performance was, mainly because of the music! We quickly bought all (two) his CD’s online and started listening to them quite often. (Out here in the cold  is one of our favourite)

When we found out about his upcoming concert, a part of Mini Orchestra Tour, we bought tickets straight away. And we were not disappointed. The show was very different in style than the first one we saw, but still very enjoyable :) And the audience was much younger! Yes, we went out on Sunday night for a concert after 10pm!! It’s so much not us, ha ha! Even people at my work were surprised… 8O

What is interesting about this young musician is that often he’s a singer and a drum player at the same time. Not a very common combination. If you want to listen to some of his music please click here or here. Happy listening!

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