Bug Espresso

In order to fight notorious Sydney traffic and parking space, as well as to be more environmental friendly Luke decided to buy a scooter. The choice was hard, but finally after a few sleepless nights, and unproductive days at work a decision was reached - Bug Espresso. Unfortunately, the next day after the purchase he got flu, so could not enjoy riding it for almost two weeks. And now is the fun time! Maybe not yet…, as he must be concentrating on the road so intensively as a learner motorbike rider, that for two days he didn’t even notice a new pedestrian bridge, that he has to drive under, erected on the way to, and from his work, until I asked him last night what he thought about it!

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  1. And I rode past it again twice today, and I still have not seen the bridge. :-)

    But the ride is fun and fast to work.

  2. No pięknie!Moja Przyjaciółka pisze bloga . Gratuluję . Będę często zagłądać! Pozdrawiam gorąco .Ania

  3. Swiat idzie do przodu! Musze za nim zadazac!

  4. Glad he is keeping his eyes on the road, guess he’ll see it one day!

  5. The bridge was put up Saturday night. We came past after we dropped you off home from Carriageworks. We had to divert through centennial and mowbray.

    When is P going to learn to ride?

  6. Good question!! Luke, what do you think?

  7. And I still have not seen the bridge. (despite another 2 passes under it)
    I’m watching out for all those drivers who are trying to knock me off!

    As for riding for P…. Car licence 1st. Then some experience, then motorcycle licence.

    IMHO, it should be mandatory (law) to have a car licence for a fixed period of time before being allowed to ride a motorcycle on the road. There is just too much going on, to be trying to get the hang of the road rules, deal with traffic and control a motorcycle all at once.

    I say with a fair degree of certainty, that had I obtained my motorcycle licence at the minimum age of 16 yrs 9 months (like I did in a car) I would have been face first on the road before reaching 17 yrs, through lack of road experience alone.

    (being young, fast and stupid would have only increased the severity)

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