Little Elf

Still on a topic of Xmas, have a look at this link, where you can see my cousin changed into a dancing elf (she’s the one in the middle). It’s quite entertaining And if you really want you can do this yourselves.

Xmas Party

A few photos from my work’s Xmas Party last Saturday at Australian Museum. Have to admit it was a very successful party and everyone at my table enjoyed it.

Crazy weather!

Have you seen some photos from yesterday’s downpour in Sydney? Have a look then here. As usual, it took me double the time to get home becasue of that

Santa Claus’es Day!!!

This is a day of presents… at least in some countries. And Santa visited our home too We also received a few photos from our friends in Berlin in today’s day spirit…and outfit! See youself below. Basia, Mariusz & Jakob