Did you know?…

Have been just browsing through Sydney Morning Herald and found an article about 10th anniversary of Michael’s Hutchence’s death And my high school memories went through my head, musical of course…  Never Tear Us Apart (one of my best songs ever even now!! ), Disappear, Need You Tonight, By My Side , just to name a few hits. I guess in a [...]

The most expensive house in Australia

The most expensive house in Australia has just been sold for $29.5m. It would be nothing unusual about that, apart from the fact that the new owners bought it just to knock it down!! Can you believe it?? So much many just for a small piece of land with a view. Just read about it here.

Spit to Manly walk

Must have not been to the beach for a while… Why? I forgot how to put sunscreen properly. And today I can see the results of it. I have so many little red patches everywhere … on my neck. back, legs, etc,… Next time will do a better job.  All of this, is because I did [...]

The fastest soup in the world

 A few days ago I cooked a green leaf & pea soup. I think this was my fastest cooked soup ever. And most importantly – healthy and tasty! Try yourself (I used only half of everything): Green leaf & pea soup / serves 6-8 / cooking 10min preparing 10min or less 1L vegetable or chicken stock 6 spring onions, [...]

Sydney Spring Cycle

Just to let you know I’ve done again the Sydney Spring Cycle! This year I was much better prepared. Did quite few trips 40km+ during last few weeks, and was worth it as this time I didn’t step of my bike even at the worst hill. All up I did 52 km!! In the 33 deg [...]