Bangarra Dance Theatre

Last week we went to the Opera House to see another performance of Bangarra Dance Theatre titled “True stories”. We’ve been going to see Bangarra every year since 2003. Their performances are very special, as Bangarra is inspired by Aboriginal culture (all the dancers have Aboriginal heritage). Take a look for yourselve, a few shots from previous years performances here.

The Ginseng Bathhouse

Have you ever been to a Korean Bathhouse? Or had a Korean massage? If not, it is strongly recommended! First time I found out something about it during our return stop-over trip though Seoul. Unfortunately, didn’t have a chance to try it  as prefered to sleep in a hotel, while Luke was enjoying himself in one of [...]


We became Gotye’s fans after attending one of those bought-last-minute-shows at the Opera House. Both of us were nicely surprised how enjoyable the performance was, mainly because of the music! We quickly bought all (two) his CD’s online and started listening to them quite often. (Out here in the cold  is one of our favourite) When we found out about [...]