Sydney Spring Cycle

Just to let you know I’ve done again the Sydney Spring Cycle! This year I was much better prepared. Did quite few trips 40km+ during last few weeks, and was worth it as this time I didn’t step of my bike even at the worst hill. All up I did 52 km!! In the 33 deg [...]

Time of terror…

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At home again

Yes, I’m back at home again in Poland. And even my sister is back from London. We actually had a party for her yesterday, as she’ll be turning 3…0…  in 6 weeks, but it is never too early for her to celebrate. We never know when we can see each other next time, so it’s not [...]

The Ginseng Bathhouse

Have you ever been to a Korean Bathhouse? Or had a Korean massage? If not, it is strongly recommended! First time I found out something about it during our return stop-over trip though Seoul. Unfortunately, didn’t have a chance to try it  as prefered to sleep in a hotel, while Luke was enjoying himself in one of [...]

Bug Espresso

In order to fight notorious Sydney traffic and parking space, as well as to be more environmental friendly Luke decided to buy a scooter. The choice was hard, but finally after a few sleepless nights, and unproductive days at work a decision was reached - Bug Espresso. Unfortunately, the next day after the purchase he got flu, so could [...]