First gold

There we go… First gold for Australia at the Beijin Olympics. Stephanie Rice broke the world record and won 400m individual medley. This is our 400 medal at the olympics! Another pool queen has been born Now waiting for Poland….

Sydney Spring Cycle

Just to let you know I’ve done again the Sydney Spring Cycle! This year I was much better prepared. Did quite few trips 40km+ during last few weeks, and was worth it as this time I didn’t step of my bike even at the worst hill. All up I did 52 km!! In the 33 deg [...]

23 seconds…

Cadel Evans was only 23 seconds away from winning the Tour de France.  In fact this was one of the closest top 3 times in history of the race – only 31 seconds between the 1st and 3rd rider. The deciding time trial on Saturday was a real nerve breaking experience (lucky didn’t have to [...]

Well done Vino!

Alexandre Vinokourov – this is guy is amazing! To win a stage with about 60 stitches on his knees and arms. This is what I call a tough guy, overcoming his pain, and never giving up. It’s a shame he could not fully participate in the Alps, as the race could be even more exciting. But [...]

Le Tour de … Crash

Yes, I’m always waiting for July to come for pretty much one reason (as long as I live in Australia) – Le Tour de France. This makes me occupied for good 3 weeks, helping not to notice too much how short the winter days are, and how cold it gets at night. For 3 weeks I [...]