Poor little whale :(

I feel so sorry for this litlle whale lost in Pittwater… It’s so heartbreaking to see him/her swimming around yachts hoping to find his/her mum Don’t really like the idea of euthanasia. Prefer nature to take its course. Can’t believe there is no other way to save it?? What would you do if you could?/lang_en]

What a summer it was!

Many of us this year didn’t even notice we had any summer Apart from lots of rain and storms (the wettest summer in six years), not even one day in Sydney was hotter  than 31 C !!! It only happened three times in the past (in 149 years of Australian weather records). A bit more stats: average [...]

Crazy weather!

Have you seen some photos from yesterday’s downpour in Sydney? Have a look then here. As usual, it took me double the time to get home becasue of that

Moths’ invasion

We’ve been invaded…. by Bogong moths! For the last 2 weeks wherever I look I can see one somewhere. First time I notice them on a bus, then at home, at work,etc… we can even see them on tv, as somehow they manage to get into tv studio. Yesterday we thought they are almost gone, [...]

The coolest morning in 21 years!

What a morning! The coolest one in Sydney for 21 years! It was 3.7 deg C in the city centre, while my thermometer showed 5.2 C … This probably would make northern European people laugh, but it’s a big thing here in Australia. It’s in the news! People struggling to get rid of the morning [...]