30 years of Mardi Gras

Since I’ve been living in Sydney (8 years + ) have never been to Mardi Gras. And since this is its 30th birthday celebrations (‘bigger than ever’) decided to go and have a look. Below a few photos from that night.

Cultural month

This was a very cultural month. That’s why I like to spend January in Sydney, there’s so much happening. So what have I seen?… Compania Nacional De Danza: ‘Three Works’. Excellent 3 pieces presented by Spanish Dance Company. Especially the first one – ‘Por Vos Muero’ - was very good, inspired by old Spanish baroque music and [...]

Sydney Festival

Last Saturday Sydney Festival began with a day of free concerts and events and we were there and had a great time!! We were nicely surprised that despite the weather so many people turned out. From our perspective everything went well and we are hoping for a repeat of that first night celebrations next year. We went through back streets [...]

NYE’s fireworks

If you want o see it again have a look at some photos from SMH, or a short movie from a polish website. We went on our bikes to Lane Cove shops to see NYE’s fireworks from a pedestrian bridge over Longueville/Epping Road. Got a very good spot even at 11:40pm!

Bangarra Dance Theatre

Last week we went to the Opera House to see another performance of Bangarra Dance Theatre titled “True stories”. We’ve been going to see Bangarra every year since 2003. Their performances are very special, as Bangarra is inspired by Aboriginal culture (all the dancers have Aboriginal heritage). Take a look for yourselve, a few shots from previous years performances here.


We became Gotye’s fans after attending one of those bought-last-minute-shows at the Opera House. Both of us were nicely surprised how enjoyable the performance was, mainly because of the music! We quickly bought all (two) his CD’s online and started listening to them quite often. (Out here in the cold  is one of our favourite) When we found out about [...]