Hangzhou & West Lake

Another excursion out of the city. This time to apparently most famous attraction in this area – Hangzhou with its beautiful West Lake. The train trip itself was an interesting experience (1,5h), similar to a boarding a plane really. To be honest as was not impressed by this place as much, maybe I expected too much? Boat [...]

…. :( ….

It so weird. Just last night I watched for the first time ‘Brokeback Mountain’. I have not fully ‘recovered’ after seeing this beautiful and touching movie just to find out early in the morning that Heath Ledger is dead  Such sad news. Most of people around me were saddened today by this. What a shame! [...]

Sydney Festival

Last Saturday Sydney Festival began with a day of free concerts and events and we were there and had a great time!! We were nicely surprised that despite the weather so many people turned out. From our perspective everything went well and we are hoping for a repeat of that first night celebrations next year. We went through back streets [...]

Little Elf

Still on a topic of Xmas, have a look at this link, where you can see my cousin changed into a dancing elf (she’s the one in the middle). It’s quite entertaining And if you really want you can do this yourselves.

Xmas Party

A few photos from my work’s Xmas Party last Saturday at Australian Museum. Have to admit it was a very successful party and everyone at my table enjoyed it.

Crazy weather!

Have you seen some photos from yesterday’s downpour in Sydney? Have a look then here. As usual, it took me double the time to get home becasue of that

Santa Claus’es Day!!!

This is a day of presents… at least in some countries. And Santa visited our home too We also received a few photos from our friends in Berlin in today’s day spirit…and outfit! See youself below. Basia, Mariusz & Jakob

The most expensive house in Australia

The most expensive house in Australia has just been sold for $29.5m. It would be nothing unusual about that, apart from the fact that the new owners bought it just to knock it down!! Can you believe it?? So much many just for a small piece of land with a view. Just read about it here.

Sorry, but this post is not available in English

Sorry, but this post is not available in English

Happily found

I am so lucky! The day before yesterday I lost my quarterly bus & ferry ticket Just after two weeks of using it. The worst thing was that I knew exactly where I lost it… on the bus, and I realised about this only 5 minutes late. I was hoping that an honest bust driver [...]