Baz Luhrmann's Australia (with 'US English' subtitles)

Some thoughts on “Australmerica” which I saw last week: 

  • Australians don’t speak with half a potato stuck in the back of their throat.
  • The wizard of oz is American!  Was this a test of how many times “somewhere over the rainbow” can be regurgitated before vomiting?
  • The use of Elgar, was a nice ‘tear jerking” touch, but too much.  Where was the Australian music??
  • The CGI contained too many mistakes, was too obvious and crude. Similarly you could tell when shots were prepared in the studio,

    the colours were unmatched and bleeding obvious.

  • Does anyone say Crikey so much?  In fact, does/did anyone ever say crikey?  
    (aside from that guy that played with sting-rays?)

Was this really a serious film about Australia? Or was it a piss-take?  If it was indeed a piss-take, then great, it was a good one and great for a laugh.   But if this is supposed to be ‘Australia’ one can assume Mr Luhrmann’s Australia exists in his imagination only.




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  1. Anitha says:

    I agree.. By his attempt to go beyond, I think Baz Luhrmann ended up falling short. In my opinion, the movie lacked both depth and character to evoke any emotion at all and is far from the epic that it claims to be. I did, however, like the kid, Brandon Walters.

  2. Barbara says:

    Totally agree with you … it was so long it could have been 2 movies… Gave it a 4/10

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