Copying Beethoven

What a disappintment.  This movie is really crap.

Acting : D-
Storyline : E
Casting : D (apart from Ed Harris, who was well placed)
Music : A (The 9th Symphony was excellent in Dolby surround)

I had read a number of reviews before seeing this film, most of which were accurately critical of the film.   Therefore I was reluctant to even go and see the film, but thought I should really go and make up my own mind.  I’m not going to bother writing much about why is was so crap apart from; the American accents, the boring dialog, the screenplay that didn’t exist, the stupid blond moments.
And what really confused me……  The “wash me” moment that came out of nowhere.

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can use Google to locate those reviews.

My advice, don’t waste your time on Copying Beethoven.


3 Responses to “Copying Beethoven”

  1. Patrycja says:

    Yes, I expected a bit more from this director, especially after seeing the other great movies – “Europa Europa”, “Olivier, Olivier” or “Total Eclipse”. I wouldn’t say this movie was crap, but definately lacked something…

  2. Vincenze says:

    Ahh dam, we’ve got free tickets :(

  3. LD says:

    I’m not surprised, people we went with had free tickets also. I suspect they are having difficulty even giving tickets away!

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