An apology from the blossom of the heart

This is a real big deal here in Japan.  Much to my amusement.

The Japanese equivalent buy cialis online of the Bureau of Meteorology has made a public apology for a slight mix-up in the forecasting of the date of the cherry blossom this year.

At least 2 separate TV channels are showing frequent analysis of the timing of the bloom, with experts & modelling showing the forecast date. (which by the way, is placed at 23rd March at the moment for Tokyo Prefecture) but that date could be altered slightly by a cold front coming through that may delay the blooming slightly.  This cold front is also causing some consternation, as the exact path of the cold front is not known, and also just how cold its intensity will be.

The result? 
A tremendous amount of public discussion and a little bit more debate than there already was. The street in front of my office has quite a few photographers each morning taking photos of the enlarging buds, with lenses that would cost more than a small car.

Next week we have an official cherry blossom office party planned where we all go outside and drink sake under the trees to celebrate.


3 Responses to “An apology from the blossom of the heart”

  1. Patrycja says:

    This debate reached even Australian shores :) Just last week it was discussed on ABC radio, that this is especially difficult to predict cherry blossom dates due to unusual warm winter… and now this cold front makes it even more difficult…

  2. Maria K says:

    That is so cute! I love it. Enjoy your party under the cherry blossom.

  3. akiko says:

    i want pictures! i am depressed i wasn’t there.

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