Never Lost Again

Google has today released GoogleMaps for Australia.

This is amazing stuff.  Now you can obtain driving directions, maps and search for businesses or locations all from your mobile phone, for free!


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are the days of carrying a street directory. Now you have the latest street directory in your mobile phone for every city in Australia (and some other cities worldwide)

Of course Google plans to fund the service through sponsored advertising.

You ought to check this out on your phone today.  It is amazing.


4 Responses to “Never Lost Again”

  1. Nicholas says:

    Yeah, this is pretty cool – have it on my BB since last summer, it absolutely saved me in Paris – useless taxi driver had no idea where he had to go….

  2. Looks cool.

    Only major downside is the lack of GPS integration.

    You know, Microsoft has had this on Windows Live Search/Maps for a while on both Windows Mobile and J2ME :-)


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