A Dog with a Bone?

Seems someone at the Sydney Morning Herald

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has got a bee in their bonnet over Sydney’s rail network. 

See the following:

Sure CityRail has problems, and they should be written about. But 5 articles in 3 days?  Has there really been a sudden surge of rail problems?  Has someone at the Herald made it a personal quest to take a torch to CityRail? 

Or is there just no other news?



2 Responses to “A Dog with a Bone?”

  1. Strange, there’s so much other more important news that isn’t getting the top of page one on SMH.

    Eg, did you know that Jennifer Aniston has confirmed that she did, in fact get a nose job?


  2. LD says:

    Looks like they got a win, with the apology of the transport minister.

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