Meningie – Kingston – Robe – Beachport – Millicent – Canunda National Park

It was really cold again and I departed in full thermals, fleece and hand warmers on. Who would know it is summer!
From Meningie, I headed through the Coorong National Park. At 42 Mile Crossing, I took a side track to have a look at the waterway, but it quickly became very sandy & steep. Before I got too far, I decided I should turn back, but in the process got bogged in the deep soft sand. I was rocking the bike and almost had it free when a guy in a 4WD appeared over the crest and gave me a hand dragging the front around. Saving me working up a sweat.

The first real stop of the day was in Robe. A fabulous little village, with a spectacular turquoise bay, and grand sea cliffs. After lunch I made my way through Beachport, which is where all the bogans in Victoria go for their summer camping holiday.
Moved through quickly.

After riding through the southern hemisphere’s largest windfarm, I made bush camp in the Canunda National Park, right next to the roaring Southern Ocean. It’s very peaceful and a perfect sunset observed after my lamb shank dinner.

Have noticed that everything takes longer to dry now. In the desert you could wash and be dry in a few minutes. Now things stay damp by the sea ;-)

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