Media Center Playlist

At the request of a few

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friends, who had requested that I publish my Media Center Playlist.
I think they may have wanted a laugh at the fact I own an ELO record… :-D
Here it is: Media Center Master Playlist


3 Responses to “Media Center Playlist”

  1. I’d be more worried about people knowing that you own Rick Astley :-)

    And not to mention that sub-par Dave Matthews fella.

  2. LD says:

    Ahhhh. Forgot that one was in there.
    It’s not mine! Patrycja can take ownership of that one. :-)

  3. Well you’d be happy to know that i had to go and buy the new killers album over lunch just to get “never gonna give you up – never gonna let you down – never gonna run around and desert you” out of my head.

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