The Fatal Shore

I recently finished reading

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Robert Hughes’ The Fatal Shore.
What a magnificent work. This book should be mandatory reading in all Australian schools; and is a valuable read for anyone even mildly interested in the formation of the Australian nation.

Hughes is, as always, ever eloquent as he draws the reader through the perilous growing pains of our nation during the convict settlement of Australia.
I really valued this book, especially in the way Hughes details the specific thought processes of the various Governors of that time. I found this particularly interesting when looking at the parallels with our government today. In doing so I felt I gained a slightly deeper understanding of some of the reasons behind laws that are still significant in our society today.

In The Fatal Shore, Hughes gives us a close look at who we Australians were, and who we are today as a result of our convict and colonial past. This is a tremendously valuable perspective to have and one that gives us a better understanding of the Australian psyche today.

Buy, Borrow or Steal this book. (Disregard the possibility of deportation to a distant foreign land)
It’s worth it.

20 Million Australian’s now call this continent home, you ought to know what occurred prior to you stomping your feet here.

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