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Malaysia Ride – November 2011

With the added bonus of a long weekend in Singapore (thanks to the Hari Raya Haji celebrations) I decided to set off on a ride through Malaysia.

The objective was Cameron Highlands, with a few potential diversions thrown in if time permitted.
As it turned out, I managed to ride 1600km covering Malacca, Cameron Highlands, Taman Negara and then back to Singapore on the backroads. Awesome trip, just too short.

Leaving on Friday afternoon, I made it to Malacca on Friday night, before continuing to Cameron Highlands on Saturday.  Despite an absolutely filthy storm that dumped rain. The clouds were so black and low they looked more like smoke from burning tyres, than storm clouds.

So I ended up supremely soaked through, but no slip ups.   On arrival in Cameron, I found all the hotels booked out, so I stayed in a dump called Nataysha Resort. A complete dump.

Despite the hotel, I found an awesome steamboat buffet which is demolished and then had a 1.5hr massage to relieve the tired muscles before bed.

On waking on Sunday, the fog was so thick that it was pointless riding so I waited until it burnt off before heading down the mountain to Taman Negara, where I had booked a hotel as it was quite remote.  The problem was when I got there, I discovered that the hotel was on the opposite side of a huge river and there was nowhere to park the bike.

So I was left to find another hotel where I could leave the bike and stay on the same side of the river.  It was another dump, with karaoke from hell, but it was a bed.
On Monday I started back for Singapore, and a 9hr ride.  Made it back safe and sound and into a well needed shower.

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