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Beijing – China

Recently had a short weekend break in Beijing.  A bit rushed, with far too much to see in a weekend but saw a lot of Beijing all the same.

Made a trip to The Great Wall (Mùtiányù section 慕田峪), Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, ate a baby goose, drank some great tea, etc

Photos from Beijing can be found in the Gallery here
and in the Moblog here

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Baz Luhrmann's Australia (with 'US English' subtitles)

Some thoughts on “Australmerica” which I saw last week: 

  • Australians don’t speak with half a potato stuck in the back of their throat.
  • The wizard of oz is American!  Was this a test of how many times “somewhere over the rainbow” can be regurgitated before vomiting?
  • The use of Elgar, was a nice ‘tear jerking” touch, but too much.  Where was the Australian music??
  • The CGI contained too many mistakes, was too obvious and crude. Similarly you could tell when shots were prepared in the studio,

    the colours were unmatched and bleeding obvious.

  • Does anyone say Crikey so much?  In fact, does/did anyone ever say crikey?  
    (aside from that guy that played with sting-rays?)

Was this really a serious film about Australia? Or was it a piss-take?  If it was indeed a piss-take, then great, it was a good one and great for a laugh.   But if this is supposed to be ‘Australia’ one can assume Mr Luhrmann’s Australia exists in his imagination only.