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Copying Beethoven

What a disappintment.  This movie is really crap.

Acting : D-
Storyline : E
Casting : D (apart from Ed Harris, who was well placed)
Music : A (The 9th Symphony was excellent in Dolby surround)

I had read a number of reviews before seeing this film, most of which were accurately critical of the film.   Therefore I was reluctant to even go and see the film, but thought I should really go and make up my own mind.  I’m not going to bother writing much about why is was so crap apart from; the American accents, the boring dialog, the screenplay that didn’t exist, the stupid blond moments.
And what really confused me……  The “wash me” moment that came out of nowhere.

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can use Google to locate those reviews.

My advice, don’t waste your time on Copying Beethoven.


Japan Photos

I’m back from my stint in Tokyo.


  • Over 150 pairs of disposable chopsticks used (apparently from Chinese forests)
  • Approx 120 bowls of rice consumed, but only 3 potatoes (this ratio would normally be inversed)
  • One very sore head
  • 2 Earthquakes
  • Completed disaster training at the Bosai Kan (firefighting, escape from smoke filled building & earthquake simulator)
  • Managed to

    down raw chicken sashimi

  • Got lost on numerous occasions
  • Caught the metro during peak hour (very, very squishy)

Photos from Japan can be found in the Gallery here
There are various sections: Niseko, Kyoto, Tokyo, Kamakura, Karuizawa, Hakone
(Note: Click into each album to view the entire album)