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Feasting on Flesh


Saturday night saw us at the Sydney Opera House, to see
Feasting on Flesh

Described by The Studio as;
“A decadent and deranged degustation of perverse and provocative performance by proud purveyors of wanton weirdness!”

Feasting on Flesh is a new play by Scott Maidment which explores the relationship between food & sex. Delivered in a cabaret setting, dinner tables set around a central stage; this part burlesque show, part circus, part play, could have gone oh-so-wrong and been a showcase for gutter humour.

But it doesn’t.

The performance opens with a butcher carrying in on his shoulder what appears to be an animal carcass, throwing it down onto the tabletop as one would imagine a butcher would handle a pig. The carcass is strung up by the legs, ready for dissection, when it becomes apparent that the carcass is actually a naked human, and the carving begins. Clever dialog, amazing dance, solid lighting and magnificent music follow. The entire production is exceptionally well constructed and much like a good degustation leaves one feeling well satisfied.

But the real treat of this work is the setting to music by Gotye (Wally De Backer)

Gotye is an amazingly talented musician and vocalist. His MySpace page describes his music as Alternative/Electronica/Indie. (although how Indie defines a type of music defeats me) You can listen to some of his work here or here.

Gotye demonstrates just a fraction of his abilities in the lead-in/out of ‘Hearts a Mess’ where his genius with syncopated percussion is hypnotic, all while holding his own vocally.

Go and see this performance while you can.
The season runs from 9th – 18th November at the Opera House Studio.


Of course, it would be amiss if I did not quote a line I particularly enjoyed from Feasting on Flesh, by the Dutch professor on eating out.

“It’s not so much

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the taste of the food, rather the ambiance of the restaurant”

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The Lake House

What a joke. This movie was so crap I don’t know why anyone bothered making it.

First of all, the casting agent needs to be shot. Keanu Reeves as an Architect? really? how very convincing. And then Sandra Bullock. pheff. Miss Congeniality with no personality.

And the story itself. Empty. What a dumb idea. It wanders around for too long, two people living in the same house 2 years apart. Writing letters to each other and falling in love via the letterbox.
The only entity in the entire film who plays a convincing part, is the bloody dog! And he’s living in both the present and the future!!!

What a waste of my valuable in-flight time watching this piece of trollop. Lacked substance, story impossible, supposed to be romantic, and ends up not even being funny.
It would have been more entertaining to watch the real-time in-flight

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monitor for one and a half hours.

My advice, if thinking about driving past the lake house… do us all a favor and cut the stilts.

It would be better off resting in the mud on the bottom of the lake.

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