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Warraroong Estate – 2005 Malbec

Oh Yeah. I love this vineyard.

Warraroong Estate has to be my absolute favorite winery in Australia’s Hunter Valley, come to think of it, probably favorite period. (I’ll save why for another post on their Sav Blanc)
I’ve just polished off the better part of two-thirds of a bottle of the 2005 Warraroong Estate Malbec along with a Lane Cove Gourmet Pizza, Tijuana (Chilli Beef, Pepperoni, Roasted Capsicium /w guacamole & sour cream)

Now, I like to think I’m not a wine-wanker. I know some of those types and their drivel makes me want to spike their next glass with radiator coolant.
I didn’t read the back of the label before I opened this bottle, but to my surprise, after the first slice of pizza and a swill from my glass, I thought I ought to read the label. To my surprise I read “Malbec is a quick developing wine and a great accompaniment to spicy foods”


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Tijuana & Warraroong Estate 2005 Malbec, now a match made in heaven.


Nose: Plum, Charcoal
Palate: Berries, Not too tannic (I hate that feeling as though you bit a green stick from a tree)
Eyes: Ruby Red, as you would want a rock on your finger to look. Deep & luscious.
And with the spicy Tijuana, I had a party on my tongue.

This is one to enjoy, from an unpretentious vineyard in the beautiful Hunter Valley.
My salvation is in the knowledge that there is one last bottle in the cellar awaiting opening.
(Before I drive back up to Warraroong to re-stock)