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Post 8 things about

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yourself. 4 true things and 4 false things.
For a bit of fun, commenters on your post need to guess which items are true and which are false – don’t get offended if they guess wrong.
Tag 8 people by adding their name at the bottom of your post and notifying them telling them that they’ve been tagged.

So, my 8 items:
1. Asparagus and chocolate taste the same to me
2. I was physically restrained and searched by machine-gun toting agent for taking photographs of a bank
3. I’ve never had a car accident
4. I never ate Vegemite (yet)
5. As a child I intentionally electrocuted insects on my Scalextric set
6. I have 2 body piercings
7. I was once stuck under a car with a gearbox on my chest
8. I worked as a DJ for 4 years

So what is true and what is not? Your comments as the what’s true or false…


Call me names

What is it with names? 

I have a simple name, 4 letters. 2 vowels, 2 consonants.  Yet somehow I still get so many different permutations in the spelling (and viagra online canadian pharmacy pronounciation) of my name.  Have a go at these, Here are just some of the names that have been attributed to me recently.

Got any others?

  • Luck
  • Luke san
  • Fluke
  • Luc
  • Like
  • Licke