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Camille elle est magnifique!


I’ve been listening to Camille the past few days and enjoying very much.

Here is an artist doing amazing things vocally. Camille tweeks and tickles your ears with her amazing lyrics and sonic abilities. She has the uncanny ability to move from sweetness to angst-ridden to passionate and back again. Yet without sounding at all contrived.

This album has little in the way of a big backing band, hence is predominatly percussion & bass, which in my opinion really lets Camille shine.

Some standouts are tracks such as ‘Au Port’ & ‘Ta Douleur’

Comparisions might be drawn between Camille’s style and that of Bj√∂rk or Stina Nordenstam, but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate, either to these artists or to Camille. There is something going on here on a whole other level, and it’s for that reason that you should have a listen.

Her latest album is titled ‘Le Fil’

You can hear a smattering on LastFM

It’s French pop, but unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Non-francophones (like me) don’t let the fact she is French put you off Camille, she is magnificent and worthy of your ears.


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At the request of a few

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Here it is: Media Center Master Playlist