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Marree – Leigh Creek – Blinman – Wilpena

Set off from Marree to head south and out of the arid regions, without a fixed destination. The landscape progressively becoming more green and lush as the further south i progressed.
Being Christmas Eve, alot of the roadhouses were shut, and this dictated the outcome of my day.
After stopping in Leigh Creek for provisions and phonecalls (I should have filled the bike too) I set out, but found the next 2 fuel stops were closed, which limited my options for headed further remote, as there would be no fuel out there either.
So I headed for Wilpena in the Flinders Ranges, as they were open and had fuel. On arrival setup camp, had a swim and dinner with the Dutchies that I’d previously met at William Creek. After a couple of beers, it was time for bed, but I had not bought my torch (I didn’t expect to be out so late) and I couldn’t find my tent in the bush. Fortunately the Dutchie were able to find their camper using the light from my mobile phone, then we used their torch to find my tent. :-)
Christmas day I joined the staff Christmas lunch, so ate very well.
Dinner I joined the BBQ with a Belgian family, Remy & Magda, which was really nice. (who live in Sydney)
They are great people and we had a good laugh and chat over dinner & wine.
I’ll catch up again with them in Sydney.

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William Creek – Coward Springs – Marree

Early in the morning I took a flight from William Creek, out over Lake Eyre. It was simply stunning to see. So much salt, and then also so many birds in the areas with water.
The colours of the water were also amazing. We flew over Anna Creek Station, the largest cattle station in the world, which is larger than Belgium!
2hrs later we were back on the ground and hit the road.

The trip out from William Creek was good, fast roads, although lots of stops to take photos.
About 70km out, I stopped at Coward Springs. This is a freshwater spring in the middle of the desert. It unbelivable.
So a dip was definitely in order, given that I was sweating in the heat. The cool water of the spring was a joy. Had I known it was so close to William Creek, I’d have camped here, rather than at William Creek. It was such a brilliant spot, with shade and a great waterhole.

Not much later I stopped again at the mound springs, another amazing sight in the desert, to see water flowing up in a small area, so much life around it, and then quickly evaporated back into the desert.
Lots of further stops and ruins, etc, and finally into Marree for camp, and to see The Ghan engines.

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