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What I have been reading lately:
As you can see, its been a Anthony Bourdain month.  To be honest, the more I read him, the less I like.  I'd say this is the last of Bourdain that will grace my reading list.

As for Peter Nichols, 'A Voyage for Madmen' this is a top read, and well worth picking up.  I couldn't put it down.  Amazing stuff.

Similarly, Robert Hughes' 'The Fatal Shore' should be mandatory reading in all Australian schools, and a valuable read for anyone who is even mildly interested in the formation of the Australian nation.  Hughes is ever eloquent and tells of the early days of convict settlement in Australia.
I really valued this book, and found it very insightful into the Australian psyche today.

A Cooks Tour Anthony Bourdain
The Nasty Bits Anthony Bourdain
Kitchen Confidential Anthony Bourdain
A Voyage for Madmen Peter Nichols
The Fatal Shore Robert Hughes
In Defence of Classical Music Andrew Ford
Dinghy Sailing Sarah Ell
Hacking Exposed Stuart McClure, Joel Scambray, George Kurtz
The Real Far East Tony Barrell

What I have been listening to: 

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Just in particular lately:

Live at Folstom Field Dave Matthews Band
Autour De Lucie Autour De Lucie
Dziecko Edyta Bartosiewicz
Naga Justyna Steczkowska
Boys for Pele Tori Amos
Klavierkonzerte Nr.9 und 17 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Black Ivory Soul Angélique Kidjo
Busted Stuff Dave Matthews Band
Gravitation Kent
Princesses Nubiennes Les Nubians
Private Collection Nina Simone

What I have been watching this month:

The Constant Gardener Les Poupees Russe


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